My first submission for Ludum Dare and my first mostly completed game... mostly.

The game is a SHMUP set inside a human vein. Similar to the film, the Fantastic Voyage, you control a microscopic ship and have to avoid a number of hazards.

There are two enemy types:

- White blood cells who attack you

- Platelets who cause you to slow down

There are also green cubes that will clear the platelets.

Notes for improvement



- The platelets visually were going to stick to your craft

- The blue cubes were going to be cuts in the vein that the platelet would break off from your ship to repair, allowing you to speed up


- Need to spend more time in Blender making the assets for the platelets, white blood cells and "cuts"


- I've been learning piano for a little while and played about with the trial version of Reason software for this project for the sfx and the music. I'd like to have invested more time on this.


- Time planning: standard issue with projects where you're embracing a lot of new things but now I've got a vague idea of how long various bits will take.

- Testing of game through HTML 5 build needed as there are display issues and quit game bugs etc.

As my first go at building a game and still very much learning C#, Unity and Game Development in general I'm pretty pleased with the results in the time and am looking forward to the next Ludum Dare as I hope I'll be able to create something more complete.

Hope you enjoy :)


PS. I'll be looking at adding some of these improvements in one the Ludum Dare is finished, so check back over the next few weeks if you want to see how it's progressing.

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